How NORDCRUZ was born

I am Michele and together with Alessandro I am one of the founders of Nordcruz.

Although we have always hung out in the world of cycling Alessandro and I had no experience in building bike bags.

I work as Export Manager for a metalworking company.

In a nutshell, I deal with selling the products of the company I work for abroad.

In February 2020 I was in California for a trade show in my sector.

Nobody imagined that the world would change after a month due to the Corona Virus.

In March 2020, Italy was in lockdown.

While I was at home in smartworking like many people, 2 news stories in a very short time changed my perception of the world.

The first was that due to the general stop the dolphins had returned to Venice.

Delfini Venezia

The second was that thanks to the reduction of pollution, the Pandas had returned to reproduce in the Hong Kong Zoo.

Is it possible that transport pollutes so much?

So I started to get informed well.

75% of the greenhouse effect is caused by transport.

If we all bought zero kilometer products we will live in a better world and with all the comforts of the Western world.

I mean all zero kilometer products, from food to clothing. Everything possible.

I am the father of 2 wonderful girls and I often wonder what world I will leave them.

Is there anything in my small way I can do to make the world a better place?

This question kept spinning in my head.

Towards April - May when the shopping malls reopened I went to Decathlon to get some bags because I wanted to go for a ride on my bike.

The shop in Bassano del Grappa in the province of Vicenza that I frequent was almost empty.

The reason was that no goods had arrived from China.

I was very annoyed with this matter.

So I called Alessandro, my friend who lives in Turin and who knows several distributors of cycling accessories to ask him if he could get me a Bag Kit.

I still remember what he said to me

"Bags? There are none for anyone. They are all made in China. Valeria, who knows how to use a sewing machine, is making me a pair by recovering the fabric of an old CORDURA jacket"

So here I was the spark.

Why not make bags in Italy?

Italian manufacturing is appreciated all over the world and if we were able to distribute through the internet it would have been possible to produce high quality products at attractive prices.

So after many unsuccessful samples, NORDCRUZ was born.

Now our small bag shop that we plan to enrich in the coming months.

Keep following us.

The future is Green.