Why buying bike bags in winter is a great idea

Unlike what is commonly thought, buying bike bags in winter is a great idea.

The reasons are essentially 2:

  • Availability of assortment
  • Possibility to test

Let's see these 2 points together.

Availability of assortment. 

In winter, as you can imagine, fewer bags are sold than in the summer.

Both in physical and online stores it is possible to find a wide offer of every type of bag and price.

Furthermore, it is often possible to find products ready for the season of the following year.

The modifications of these products are born from the experiences of cyclists from all over the world last summer.

Opportunity to test

This is probably the most underrated thing of all.

The possibility of testing during the winter.

Many cyclists are already thinking about their next cycling holidays in August.

They study the route.

They practice.

They buy the bags they find  in mid-July.

Very serious mistake.

The setup of the travel bike takes months.

A cyclist can be trained like a racehorse but a badly adjusted bag, which maybe sways for 10 or 12 hours a day acts like the headwind and you don't notice it.

For example, if you decide that you put the jacket in the front bag, you have to test it to be answered in front of the mobile phone or power bank.

If you decide to put the jacket in the saddlebag, you have to test it to be placed under the saddle.

Questions like:

  • Does it fit?
  • How do I put it?

These are questions that every cycle traveler must ask himself before the trip.

So why is winter so important?

First, because the Christmas holidays are the longest holiday period after the summer holidays.

So there is plenty of time for testing.

Then because in winter you are more dressed and you need more clothing if you want to go for a ride.

Going on a day tour from the first light of dawn to the sunset involves a decidedly calculated clothing.

In the morning it will be particularly cold.

At midday we want to be lighter, especially after a few hours of bike riding and the warmer temperature .

Maybe we would like to have with us not only a sandwich and a little water, but also a thermos with a coffee or tea.

Finally, at dusk we will have to get dressed again to reach home or our destination.

To deal with these changes of temperature it is important to be dressed in layers.

Placing these layers of clothing requires a set-up on the bike that must be accurately studied.

In this way, the loaded bike best simulates the travel conditions that we will encounter on the Trail or on the weekends that we want to face next summer.

This is why setting up the bike with bags in winter is a great idea.

Riporre questi strati di vestiario richiede un allestimento sulla bici che va studiato accuratamente.

In questa maniera la bici carica simula al meglio la condizione di viaggio che incontreremo nei Trail o nei week end che vogliamo affrontare la prossima estate.

This is why setting up the bike with bags in winter is a great idea.